ESNC’s SAP Security Pack for Oil, Gas and Utilities Companies

ESNC Security Suite Risk Management Module add-on specialized for SAP security requirements of Oil, Gas and Utilities companies allows built in risk and attack detection capabilities specialized to these industries and national critical infrastructures.

The industries oil, gas and utilities are commonly national critical infrastructures, which have very special security requirements. Based on our continuous work with our customers in these industries, we have created the SAP security pack for oil, gas and utilities and recently updated it with even more features. ESNC Security Suite customers can use it as an add-on to their existing installations. The security package comes with the following features, additional to existing business risks and security signatures:

  • Industry specific, SAP landscape based business risks for Oil, Gas and Utilities sectors

  • Advanced persistent threat (APT) detection on SAP systemsnew

  • Industry specific security incident detection rules

  • Run SAP security assessments specialized in energy industry and prevent SAP breaches

  • Extended SAP based business risks for Utilities-Electric sector – grid transmission and distribution new


  • Fully customizable to integrate with existing business risk frameworks

  • SAP security rules focused on materials management, ERP and other components specific for Oil and Utilities new

  • Environmental health and safety (EHS) rules focused on SAP security

  • Focus on SAP breaches related to Oil, Gas and Utilities SAP systems

  • Detect and respond if your SAP system is compromised by hackers