ESNC Statement of Policy on Human Rights

Our commitment  

ESNC is committed to respecting human rights. We respect human rights by seeking to avoid infringing on the rights of others and working to address adverse human rights impacts with which we are involved. This involves child labour avoidance (e.g., no under-age workers, no hazardous duty for young workers), working hours
(e.g., limits on maximum hours worked, mandatory days off), freely chosen employment (e.g., no forced, bonded, involuntary, or prison labour), wages and benefits
(e.g., legal wages, overtime pay, clear information), humane treatment

 (e.g., no abuse, coercion, sexual harassment, or punishment), non-discrimination (e.g., age, race, gender, religion, sexual or political orientation), freedom of association (e.g., labour unions, collective bargaining, open communication), protection of identity, and health & safety at work.


ESNC also commits to promoting human rights.  We do this by harnessing the beneficial power of technology to help realize and sustain human rights everywhere. We expect employees, partners, suppliers, customers and governments to share this commitment to ensure that information technology and our business respects and promotes human rights.  

Violations can be reported to the management using the direct email address: