Why Preparing for GDPR is So Important

After four years of preparation the European Parliament has passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to regulate how companies collect, process and store data.

Levels of the order are compliance, usage control, consent, bundling, aggregation, supervision, breach disclosure, fines, and litigation.

On May 25, 2018 or thereafter penalties for breaking the law are severe – fines up to the greater of € 20 million or 4% of annual global turnover. With so much data held on SAP systems it is only a matter of time before these systems are targeted and penetrated by bad actors. There are several steps you can take today to safeguard against this happening to your company.

GDPR mandates that appropriate technical and organizational measures are put in place to protect personal data. This would include customer data, vendor data, and other data on SAP systems such as HR and payroll data.

Three Things to Do Now

  • Check your systems for security vulnerabilities by an SAP security assessment and harden them so they are not breached
  • Have real-time SAP security monitoring so if an insider is misusing the systems or an external is trying to attack the systems, you can neutralize the attack before it becomes a breach

So how do companies implement and maintain a posture that is suited to alert and report on threats in a time that is in compliance with GDPR? Enterprise Threat Monitor can quickly enact all three steps listed above to keep your SAP systems safe and your company within GDPR guidelines.

ETM offers real-time monitoring of SAP systems. ETM works stand-alone or provides SIEM integration for SAP and IBM QradarSplunk, and HP ArcSight. With over 300 security gaps detected, ETM uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop safe use profiles and conversely sends alerts that immediately notify system managers of unusual activity.

Enterprise Threat Detection meets the GDPR requirements and is available for download at TryETM.com. if you would like to discover specific data on your systems please reach out to us for a consultation.