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ESNC Penetration Testing Suite: a Vulnerability Scanner for SAP® NetWeaver™

Assurance testing / SAP penetration testing is an important part of the security lifecycle. We are the first to offer an SAP penetration testing software for security professionals, internal audit teams, and for auditing companies, where no technical background is necessary for enhancing your SAP security audit results and checking whether an attacker can harm your SAP system.

Just before any configuration changes - to see the actual status - or right after applying security hardening to your SAP systems, SAP security testing allows verifying that the security controls are functional. Companies such as SAP AG use ESNC Penetration Testing Suite for securing their SAP systems.

ESNC Penetration Testing Suite - SAP Security Scanner
With ESNC Penetration Testing Suite, you can run an SAP ABAP AS security audit or an SAP Java AS security review periodically. Combined with its excellent reporting features, you can track the progress of your entire system and report it to upper management.

Often, security professionals and auditors are challenged about the feasibility of the attacks by non technical people from business board, internal audit departments, and senior management. Either for getting approvals for a proper aligned SAP security project or for creating user and manager awareness, ESNC Penetration Testing Suite provides excellent SAP assurance testing for your enterprise. It is a state-of-art SAP security scanner and It can be used to support typical SAP audit activities, SoX audits and PCI-DSS assessments. SAP vulnerability assessment results can be used to eliminate the discovered SAP security issues and update detection capabilities. Development activities around SAP ABAP security and SAP Java security do not bring much value when SAP basis security is not in place.

ESNC Penetration Testing Suite includes many modules for testing critical components of SAP ABAP AS security and SAP Java AS security. One of these applications is our injection toolkit for ABAP. It allows running ABAP exploits and ABAP shellcode directly on the SAP systems' core. It is a must-have tool for every SAP pentester and serious SAP auditor. SAP exploits are becoming more and more popular and criticality of a detected SAP security issue is best understood by actually exploiting it during an SAP security scan. The injection toolkit's additional shellcodes can be obtained seperately.

ESNC Pentest Suite - SAP ABAP Injection Exploit Toolkit
ESNC Penetration Testing Suite also uses ESNC Security Suite's SAP certified components for integration with SAP applications.